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Curb Appeal Pressure Washing - Caleb

Our Story

Our pressure washing journey began as something extra to offer clients while working in a remodeling crew back in Texas, once I got into the military I saw it as a way to make some extra money here and there to provide my family with fun money. Over time I have done quite a bit of research on procedures and chemicals and am now in the process of preparing to take change this business from a side gig to a full time career.

I am from Houston, Tx. My family and I moved to the Phoenix area when Uncle Sam sent me to be stationed at Luke Air Force Base in 2019.  I have a supportive wife and two boys that keep me striving to better myself through personal and professional growth. I've got a passion for helping people and a strong desire to achieve excellence in everything that I do. I find this line of work incredibly fulfilling not only because I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing what was once grimy and gross looking beautiful and new again, but also because I love seeing a huge smile on the home or business owners face when they come out to inspect my work.

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